Nan Ma and Kai She

The invention relates to an ecological recyclable large-scale building group energy system which can be applied to a plurality of building groups in cities. Each building group includes a plurality of buildings. Solar cell panels and solar heat collectors are paved on the roofs and/or walls of the buildings; storage batteries and heat-insulating water storage tanks are arranged in each building group; the storage batteries are connected with the solar cell panels; a rainwater collecting device, a domestic wastewater collecting device and a foundation water-purifying device are also arranged in each building group. The solar cell panels are paved on the roofs and walls of the building main bodies and the generated electric energy is stored in the nearby storage batteries, so that the loss of energy in the long-distance transport can be avoided; the electric energy generated by solar energy can be used by the buildings and also can be merged into the urban power grid through a grid-connecting device so as to supply electric energy to the other building groups; an electricity output meter and a power consumption meter are arranged, so that the electricity output and the electricity consumption of each building can be counted and recorded.