Tian Tian

Tian Tian

Research Assistant

Tian Tian is a graduate student in the Environmental Building Design Program at the University of Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Tongji University. She is mainly interested in passive design strategies and data analysis.

Born in Yichang, Hubei, China, Tian grew up with an interest in nature. During her undergraduate, she participated in a research design studio, where she applied animal warm-keeping strategies to architectural design. Physics served as the bridge connecting architecture and ecology. Due to this studio, she was strongly appealed by the practical, data-based design method dedicated to improving the global environment and came to EBD to continue her pursuit.

Tian focuses on the balance of human needs and natural resources. She tries to utilize recyclable, compostable materials to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in a local context. She is equipped with knowledge of sustainable strategies, benchmarking, and other analytical simulation skills. Considering the climate and environmental issues urgent to be addressed, she is now learning how to apply what she has acquired about green building to projects, dealing with climate change and energy shortage.

Tian is working with Prof Nancy Ma on investigating ozone and PM2.5 spatial distribution using Rhino CFD.